Some fans are bigger than others

The man, the musician, the animal rights activist: To be fair, he's pretty huggable.

How big of a Morrissey fan are you?

Would you do anything for a Morrissey hug?

Would you shut down a Morrissey show for a Morrissey hug?

If not, you have nothin' on these folks at last night's Morrissey show in San Jose. Watch the video below for a primer on exactly how to piss off lots of people -- people who paid a lot of money to see their idol, a singer who finally made it to the Bay Area last night after six consecutive show cancelizations over the past few years -- by ending a show early with your needy, demanding, insatiable drive for hugs.

Check it out: The affection-assault, which provided an abrupt end to show's encore, starts at about the one-minute mark.



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