Protester barfs on windshield of Yahoo bus — Viva La Vomit!

Sick all over Yahoo.
Photo used with permission, courtesy of Twitter user @revscript

Yesterday at City Hall there was a seven hour long hearing on the validity of the tech buses, known colloquially as Google buses. Do they cause displacement? Are they too heavy (and break the pavement)? Are they merely a symbol of gentrification, or do they cause gentrification? 

All of those questions were thoughtfully, pointedly argued, left and right. But the world of news spins fast, and now the latest tech bus news is less thought-provoking and more ick-provoking: a protester allegedly puked all over the front of a Yahoo bus, supposedly in protest of the bus, not his or her lunch.

Erin McElroy, one of the lead organizers of the colorful San Francisco Google bus protest yesterday, said that though the methods used by the Oaklanders may be different than her group, it's all part of one cause.

"I support a diversity of tactics," she told us in a phone interview today. "It's helpful that our tactics are different than theirs." 

Local news site Indybay reported over 50 protesters blockaded an Apple, Google and Yahoo bus this morning. From the photos they posted, you can see one protester standing on the roof of the bus. Perhaps the perfect angle for a barf barrage?

No word yet on who the purported puker was, but as long as we have your attention, check out the Bay Guardian's coverage of yesterday's acrobat-filled San Francisco protest, and our coverage of last night's environmental review hearing of the Google buses -- both stories that hopefully provide a much deeper look at the issues than this one, somewhat ridiculous headline.